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Book cover for The Spaces Between


"We go through life in the belief we know exactly where we are going and where we fit in and with whom we are to make the journey.  We feel comfortable and confident in our choices.  But one day the chain is broken and we are cast adrift into a world which is familiar but unfamiliar where our whole purpose for being is ripped away and we find ourselves in a foreign land without hope or direction."


Published through Feedaread
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This is a story of love, loss, discovery and the belief in second chances. 2012 - Gaynor McGregor is a recent widow of 65 years young who feels she is on the scrap heap of life. She is in a very lonely and confused place and her world has come crashing down around her until the day the solicitors letter arrives with news that turns her life round forever.
1501 Lucia Molinari has been married by proxy to a captain in the Venetian Guard but she is in love with Mateo. On her way to Venice she is kidnapped and spirited away so she can spend her life with Mateo or so she thought.
The common denominator between the two women is Villa Visconti and the journey travelled whereby Gaynor finds herself again, understands her loss, and learns to move on and to begin life again.

Reviews:  4 out of 5 stars

* "A very easy read nice mix of love story and ghost story
also as I have visited the part of the world in which it is set it paints a picture of
the locations"

* "The descriptions of the locations were really good and enough to make one want to visit and explore. I look forward to reading more by this author."

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