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Book cover for Reflections




In dreams

I walk alone through

The midnight garden

Where the light of

Moonbeams etch silvery,

Shimmering spangles of light

Over the world beneath.

A glittering pathway

Upon the lake

Linking heaven to earth.

Life with life.

The haunting hoot of the owl

Hidden within the trees

Warns the twitching whiskers of the

Nervous mouse.

Neither note our passing.

No footprints left

In dewy grass,

And yet, in dreamy sleep,

You take my hand

And we two again,

Walk as one


Unseen footsteps wander

 Through sweet scented meadows,

Over fields of green,

Gold coloured corn lightly slips through fingers,

Warm breezes rustle hedgerow leaves

While the clear trill of birdsong

Floats in the blue azure sky.

Yonder the eye’s

Drawn to serried ranks of

The vine fields

Covering green rolling hills.

Gold rays of sunlight

Beam down, warm and inviting

Enveloping all.

Radiates strength and thinning

The veil between this life and the next.

Generating delight and new life

To your soul and mine

As our fingers entwine

In love and in peace.


Poetry and photographs

      Self published through Createspace/KDP

REFLECTIONS is a book of poetry and prose

Compiled over a period of 2-3 years.

It is offered as a beacon of light

Beaming in the darkness.

For those who seek solace.

To inspire the lost and the lonely.

To give hope to those who despair.

And to bring joy and amusement,

Delight and enjoyment

To all those who, by reading these words,

Join me on my journey to a new, very

Different life.

Taster of what is waiting to be published



He stands on the cliff top,

Alone, at dawn,

Looking down at the bay,

Deserted at this time of day.

He is isolated,

A dark figure, a silhouette

Against the vastness of the sky

 And endless ocean.

Above, the raucous seagulls cry,

Circling, spiralling, dancing

On the wind.

Below, swift breezes swirl,

Creating eddies and patterns

In the sand

Pounding waves, white horses in the spray,

Crash upon the shore.

Foaming, angry waves lift up,

Pummelling the cliffs below

Chipping, splintering, eroding

 Chunks from their base,

A violence only nature can create.

Yet he stands still,

Master of this place.

Dark clouds building overhead,

Brewing to a storm,

While out at sea, with sails unfurled,

A boat fights the angry waves,

Seeking safety, away from harm.

Yet he stands still,

Master of all he surveys.

All flora and fauna

Bow to his command,

The birds, bees and fish as well,

For he is master of this space,

The Spirit of this Place,

And all nature dances

To his tune.

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