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  • Introducing my new novel CHASING SHADOWS


Price: £7.99 ISBN: 9781784653170 Available from 30th November 2017


Pegasus Publishers are pleased to announce the publication of Chasing Shadows by Wendy Goult, available to order from bookshops or direct from the publisher.


He who murders and gets away lives to murder another day.

Children now play on Brampton Common and nearby householders such as Jan, Kerry and Debs know little of the dramas that once occurred so near to their own front doors, and nothing of the unquiet souls of the victims and the stories they could tell.

Yet Police Detective Alan Woodgate cannot forget. Now retired, this is the one cold case that preys on his mind. He and his CID colleagues never did solve the case of the missing persons from Brampton Common, nor could they confirm death since no bodies were found.

Back in the sixties the clues and enquiries led nowhere and now memories and photographs have faded. All Alan knows is that their abductor and assumed murderer is organised, coldly calculating and is still at liberty. Quite possibly still living in the local area.

Can Jan, Kerry and Debs help him?


Copies of Chasing Shadows can be purchased direct from the publisher by visiting our website at or by calling 01223 370012.

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